Members of the Philippine Science High School System Executive Committee in 2010 gather for their institutional corporate photo. Sitting from left to right are Ms. Elsie Ferrer (PSHS-BRC Campus Director), Ms. Lilia Habacon (PSHS-CLC Campus Director), Dr. Helen Caintic (PSHS-MC Campus Director), Dr. Filma Brawner (PSHS System Executive Director), Corazon Monica Sabio (Deputy Executive Director), Dr. Josette Biyo (PSHS-WVC Campus Director), Delia Legaspino (PSHS-SMC Campus Director), Dr. Florita Fontillas (PSHS-CVisC Campus Director). Standing from left to right are Dr. Conrad Rotor (PSHS-CARC Campus Director), Mr. Jose Marlon Caumeran (PSHS-CMC Campus Director), Dr. Larry Cabatic (PSHS-IRC Campus Director), Dr. Pedrito Padilla (PSHS-EVC Campus Director), and Dr. Salvador Romo (PSHS-CVC Campus Director).

Three campus directors eventually became PSHS System Executive Directors, namely Dr. Josette Biyo, Dr. Larry Cabatic, and Ms. Lilia Habacon, respectively.
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