Foundation Anniversary is an important milestone each year.  It is a special event where we show our gratitude for the wisdom, passion, courage, and commitment demonstrated by those who contributed to the establishment of the Philippine Science High School–Ilocos Region Campus (PSHS-IRC), including members of the local community.  Without these qualities that translate the PSHS vision into reality, thousands of students over the past 18 years would not have had the opportunity to experience the excellent quality education with emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics offered by PSHS in the Ilocos Region.

For eighteen years, Pisay-IRC has showcased the power of possibilities.  The school has navigated with confidence and has risen from the challenges that came its way.  In recent years, Pisay-IRC has shown its power as a force to reckon with as its students brought honor to our country by wining in international academic competitions, as its scholars stood out as victors in national mathematics and science contests and exhibited scientific knowledge and analytical skills in research fairs, and as its alumni consistently topped licensure exams.  It is in the same power of possibilities that these fruits of excellence reflect the collaborative effort of school administrators, non-teaching personnel, and teachers.  Together as a team, the combined power breaks new grounds and set new directions toward improved performance and quality services.  All these are blessing we must be thankful for.

When Pisay-IRC can vibrate on that level of all-inclusive gratitude, the school plugs into a greater frequency of spirit and potential and its ability to serve more takes off.  With the leadership of Campus Director Dr. Ronalee Orteza and dynamism of all Pisay-IRC stakeholders, achieving and sustaining the Pisay culture of excellence is possible against all odds.

Eighteen years is a great source of inspiration.  Take actions that move you onto a productive path, so you can be in harmony and in alignment with your limitless potential.  Work passionately and responsibly so that your authentic soul signature as the mighty Pisay Northern leaders, mentors and scholars will shine across the sky and leave a constellation of greatness as your trademark.

This foundation anniversary also honors the public servants who have decided to stay in Pisay-IRC.  Their invaluable contributions in shaping the minds and hearts of our scholars are truly unquantifiable.  Moreover, today offers a special occasion to celebrate as a family.  We are united not only by eighteen years of existence but also by the limitless worthwhile opportunities we can create in the years to come.

Congratulations, Pisay-IRC!  Thank you very much!


(Aries N. Oliveros, Executive Assistant)