The Philippine Science High School System – Office of the Executive Director (PSHSS-OED) has received immediate commendation for the continuation of its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification. This recognition is the result of the successful conclusion of its 2nd Surveillance Audit, held yesterday.

SOCOTEC Certification Philippines Inc. has lauded the PSHSS-OED for its impeccable adherence to the certification prerequisites, meticulously aligning with the International Standard and the outcomes of the external audit.

The audit, encompassing the oversight and administration of specialized secondary science education and ancillary processes, was conducted to ensure that the certified management system consistently upholds requirements between recertification audits.

Noteworthy auditors, Mr. Michael Matundan and Ms. Laureen Grace Calmerin, diligently scrutinized audit criteria, encompassing Certification standards and other references for ISO 9001:2015, as well as the organization’s Quality Management System processes and documentation.

Executive Director Habacon extended commendations for the hard work exhibited by the PSHSS-OED team, emphasizing the need for continual enhancement of processes in the pursuit of integrity, performance excellence, and dedicated service to the PSHS community. This milestone signifies a significant stride toward elevating standards in science education and administration as they go hand in hand.

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