Attracting around 5,000 registered participants nationwide, the Philippine Science High School System has launched PISAYCOM, a certificate training course on science communication for Grade 10 students.

PISAYCOM envisions to inspire Filipino youth to communicate science towards national consciousness and enhance participants’ ability to laymanize science content through multimedia.

The training course will run for two months with synchronous sessions (via Zoom and Facebook Live) and asynchronous activities (through Moodle).

“Participants will have a better understanding of what science communication is and improve their science communication skills, both in written and visual media,” said Senior Science Research Specialist Rommell Ross Oba, PISAYCOM project leader.

According to Oba, this training course will also teach time management, self-discipline, and interpersonal skills.

“Through PISAYCOM, we hope to equip more Filipino youth who will popularize the socio-economic impact of science to people, said PSHS System Executive Director Lilia T. Habacon.

Besides training and competency building, participants will exhibit their acquired skills through science communication competitions.

“Communication, as an essential 21st Century skill, can be used to raise awareness on pressing science, health, technological, and environmental issues. With the pandemic, we need more people who will help disseminate important facts to combat fake news on COVID-19 and how we can manage its risks and combat its threats,” Habacon added.

The PSHS System will provide participants with their official accounts to access PISAYCOM materials and submit their outputs through the official PSHS learning management system called PSHS Knowledge Hub or KHub.

The participants will learn from their PISAYCOM sessions with Ruby Shaira Panela, multi-awarded science communicator; Elbert Ong, pioneering graphic recorder in the country and co-founder and chief visual consultant of Pushpin Visual Solutions; Galvin Radley Ngo, part-time lecturer and coordinator for Innovation and Education Technology at the Ateneo SALT Institute and Learning and designer and consultant for various massive open online courses (MOOC) by SEAMEO Innotech and Coursebank Philippines; and Abraham Archangel “Bam” Alegre, senior news correspondent at the GMA News and Public Affairs.

Only participants who have completed all training course requirements will be given a certificate of completion.


(Aries N. Oliveros, Executive Assistant)