With 9,320 students officially enrolled, the 16 campuses of the Philippine Science High School System opened School Year 2020-2021 last September 1.  The first four days focused on orientation of students on remote learning policies, familiarization to Moodle classroom, and training on the use of Pisay Knowledge Hub or Pisay KHub, the PSHS learning management system.

Based on a consolidated report, 11.2% of PSHS students avail of the printed learning guides.  PSHS campuses also distributed learning materials such as books, flash drives containing electronic copies of learning guides, and gadgets to students who cannot avail of online learning.  Students and parents had online seminars on expected behavior during online classes and strategies on successful online learning.

Actual classes began last September 7, with intermittent internet connectivity as a common problem experienced by students and teachers.  The Knowledge Innovation Division (KID) has been working to improve the use and availability of Pisay KHub.  Rest assured that KID exerts effort to avoid downtime and finds solutions to technical glitches.  KID shall also give official updates on the problems encountered by its users.

Prior to the opening of classes, PSHS teachers were all required to complete the training modules from Nephila Web Technology Inc. for capability building on management of their Moodle classrooms.

The Office of the Executive Director appreciates the feedback, dynamism, teamwork, resourcefulness, and resilience of the PSHS community, particularly the teachers to bridge the gap that they and their students encounter.