Philippine Science High School System



We are the leading science high school in the Asia Pacific Region preparing our scholars to become globally competitive Filipino scientists equipped with 21st century skills and imbued with the core values of truth, excellence, and service to nation.


The Philippine Science High School, operating under one System of Governance and Management, provides scholarship to students with high aptitude in science and mathematics.

The PSHS System offers an education that is humanistic in spirit, global in perspective, and patriotic in orientation.  It is based on a curriculum that emphasizes science and mathematics and the development of well-rounded individuals.

The PSHS System prepares its students for careers in Science and Technology and contributes to nation building by helping the country attain a critical mass of professionals and leaders in Science and Technology.



In 1963, the Republic Act (R.A.) 3661 established the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) to offer a scholarship on secondary education with emphasis on science to prepare students for a science career.  The first campus operated in Diliman, Quezon City.

In 1998, by virtue of R.A. 8496, the PSHS System was created to harmonize the operations of four existing PSHS campuses:  Diliman (now Main Campus), Eastern Visayas, Western Visayas, and Southern Mindanao.  Three years later, R.A. 9036 was enacted to establish one PSHS campus in every region in the country that will provide a globally-competitive education to a diverse population of Filipino youth.  By 2016, the PSHS System is comprised of 16 campuses around the country.

The PSHS System is an attached agency of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).  The Board of Trustees (BOT), with the DOST Secretary as the Chairman, is the highest policy making body of the PSHS System.  The Office of the Executive Director acts as the central office for systemwide communication, collaboration, policy implementation, and monitoring of perations of PSHS campuses.

The Executive Director leads the Executive Committee (ExeCom) composed of the Campus Directors. The ExeCom is a collegial body that recommends policies and guidelines for the consideration of the BOT.